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The Dragon Lord chapter 1


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Book 1 of the golden league.                        Dragon Lord  




Chapter 1, in the end



Searing pain rushed through my body, and I collapsed, unable to move. Suddenly, black started to roll across my eyes. I had blacked out.


“Police!” said a female voice. “It’s a body-burglar!”

“Don’t try little girlie,” said a gruff voice, “or I’ll knock your lights out!” I rushed out with my magic, exploding with anger, sending him flying to Jupiter! “Thank you, darnga,” she said, meaning rider and father at the same time.


I shall be explaining all this in this story by means of the other chapters and books. Except, in these chapters, I shall be talking as if it was another person, as when I was that young I was nothing like myself now.



In the beginning





Ligh’tregan Swae’teang was only thirteen at the time and already was known all over Slakington for being the world’s best swordsman. He had hazel eyes, blonde, spiked up hair, and was 6 feet tall.  He was walking in the gile, a huge, gigantic forest with trees the colour of emerald, one day, when he saw an elephant. He drew his famous sword, haj’jok, gleaming gold in the light, and, with all his might, drove it into the beast’s neck. It started wailing, but Ligh’tregan grabbed his finisher dagger, and started to work cutting all the vital but poisonous bits off. Then, suddenly there was a big bang that was so loud that he was disturbed from finishing his prey. He did not usually get distracted, which is why it was so unusual, and he saw an egg. The tree on the other side of it was burnt, and there was a sort of circular marking in the center. He put the dead elephant on his carrying back ledge and carried it, and the egg home. (I think, at this point, it would be wise to say that Ligh’tregan was superhumanly strong, in case you’re wondering…)


When home, a wonderful little farm cottage inside a dusty old village, his brother, max, who envied his enormous height and skill, not to mention his cool hairstyle, and his father, hajidok, who was a coloured, battle-scarred veteran, greeted him. “Wow! An elephant!? That’ll last us years! Thank you!” they said enthusiastically.

“Yes, but I also got this,” said Ligh’tregan, “a dragon egg!”

“I bet it’ll hatch for you!”


“ Why?”

“I’ll have to go away if it does!”

“Oh, but you’ll have to wait and hide it for a few years while we raise it!” in this kingdom, terrakloys, you were allowed a dragon if it was the size of a lion or bigger, otherwise you had to give it to the government. The egg rolled around and broke into pieces. It had hatched.


The golden dragon, which was only the size of his arm, prowled up to Ligh’tregan and he stroked it from its head to the tip of its tail. “I love you!” he said. I love you too! Came the reply in his head and along with it came overpowering hunger. “It said it loved me too and it was hungry!”  the other two roared out with laughter.

“Give it this then!” they chuckled and  passed a chunk of the elephant to him. He gave it to the dragon and it gobbled it up straight away, then gradually grew to the size of a lion. Then it went flying around the sky, eating birds. By the time it came back it was a full grown dragon and Ligh’tregan could set fire to and regrow a whole forest  in one second by using magic. “I’ll need my bow instead of this ledge!” said Ligh’tregan, sheathing haj’jok. They handed him an exquisite bow, with the semblance of the princess sel’ania carved into the side.

here is the link to chapter 2: The Dragon Lord chap2


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